Who We Are ?

Casella Office Furniture Company was established in 1985 to produce office furniture and project applications. Casella, which has been trying to provide the best application of products and projects to its customers without sacrificing quality since its inception, has won a place at the top with its high-quality products and excellent service understanding in the sector by producing modular furniture and VIP office furniture. She has placed her signature within the framework of major projects both in Turkey and abroad. Since the day of inception, we have been aiming to produce contemporary and original designs in today's technology by targeting change, development and innovation.
Casella Furniture, gives priority to quality, comfort and ergonomic items, office and office chair sets, office seating groups, work tables, meeting tables, stools, chairs, office chairs, study chairs, conference chairs, waiting chairs, partition panel systems and office accessories. Its production continues in many areas with office platforms and corporate projects.
Casella Office Furniture develops furniture in various colors and patterns specific to individuals and living spaces.

We bundle the products and services that we provide with our expert personnel and aim to keep customer satisfaction always in the foreground with our after sales technical support.
 With the continued success we have shown in the office furniture market locally, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.